Defund SSFPD and Invest in the People

Thank you for lending your energy and time in such a critical moment in time. With the budget up for approval this Wednesday at the SSF City Council Meeting, we want to put as much pressure on SSF city officials to reallocate funding for the police and place those funds in programs that ore effectively address mental health, substance abuse, education, housing, jobs, and childcare. Our communities are being overpoliced and Black and Brown people are being killed, bratualized, and incarcerated on a regular basis. Below are ways that you can support this needed change in public health and safety:
  1. Sign our petition
    • Share our petition. Anyone can sign. This issues are both local, national, and global.
  2. Write a letter to the City Council to SSF
  3. Leave a voicemail
    • Call (650) 829-4670
    • These are encouraged if possible since the were read live during the last council meeting. 
    • Like the email, try and leave your voicemail by 5pm on 6/24/20. This is allot some time for transcription so it can be read at the meeting.
Other Actions:
  2. Follow CHANGE SSF on the following platforms:
  3. See our “Take Action” tab for more!
  4. If you have any ideas or actionable things that you would like us to work on, email, message our social media handles, or use our “Contact Us” page to connect!
  5. Spread the word!
Again, thank you for your support! Feel free to reach out to us via social media if you have any questions. Defund the police. Invest in the People. Reclaim SSF! Black Lives Matter! Justice for Derrick Gaines!