Reclaim South San Francisco: March for Black Lives

Background: CHANGE SSF is a multigenerational and multicultural coalition of BIPOC students and activists which was created after the birth of the George Floyd protests in early June. In the course of three weeks, CHANGE SSF has garnered over 1800 signatures for their petition to “Defund and Demilitarize SSFPD,” met with city council members and the SSFPD chief for a roundtable discussion on defunding SSFPD and reinvesting in community resources, and become an active platform for education and awareness on systemic issues of racism and oppression.



On July 5th, 2020, CHANGE SSF hosted a protest in South San Francisco held in memory of Derrick Gaines, a 15 year-old Black high-schooler who was shot and killed by SSFPD officer Joshua Cabillo in 2012, and in demand for the defunding and demilitarization of the South San Francisco police department. Protestors marched around the city of South San Francisco, stopping at the county courthouse, Magnolia senior center, city hall, and concluding at Orange Memorial Park. Some speakers spoke about loved ones who’ve lost their lives to police brutality, while others spoke about their lived experiences and hopes for the future as Black youth in South San Francisco.