NO HIGH RISE BUILDINGS – Save East Side South City

Community, we need your help! The city is currently developing a plan for land use for the next 20 years. We know that East Side/Old Town South City has been bearing the brunt of development and gentrification for years with little consideration for the long time residents.
Community members have stepped up and made their demands clear! They do not want to see any more high rises in our city and we want the available land to be used for projects that directly benefit the community. Some proposed use for the land are a youth community center, a garden, a park and more.
There is a meeting tomorrow (7/20) from 6PM to 8PM via Zoom to voice your concerns about this. Go to the link on the flyer and attend the meeting to voice what you would like to see in these spaces! Comment below what you want to see in South City! Thank you to the community members who have brought this to our attention and have worked on this petition.
For more information on the city’s developing general plan: