Open Letter to Remove SLO’s from SSFUSD

To the Board of Trustees of South San Francisco Unified School District:

This letter is in full support of removing School Liaison Officers (SLO) from the South San Francisco Unified School District (SSFUSD) and setting clear parameters in which officers are not to be called to come to any campus unless it is an emergency that requires an officer to be present. Reasonable emergencies include: presence of an active shooter, a fire, or a potentially explosive device. We recognize the importance of building and creating school environments that are safe and conducive to learning. The mere presence of an officer, especially one who is armed, is not consistent with the district’s mission to educate its students equitably. In fact, it creates an environment of fear and, for some students, triggers traumatic memories of being separated from loved ones that have been victimized or arrested by SSFPD. Moreover, it allows officers an opportunity to interrogate and investigate students and their families within a space that should be dedicated towards, learning, building, growth, and support.

Furthermore, we recognize the lack of skill and training that SSFPD has in being able to implement programs of any kind that produce legitimate long-term results that enrich and inspire students to be successful. We demand that the district sever ties with the SSFPD SLO program and ask that the city council use that money to fund community programs that would partner with the school district in ensuring that all of the students’ needs are met. There are countless models of effective partnerships between schools and community programs with staff who are trained in working with young people. Such programs include resources and programs that support mental health, nutrition, art, music, and employment among students.


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Listed below are all of the organizations that are in full support of SSFUSD discontinuing their relationship with the SLO program:

More Ways to Support:

1. Sign the Petition: End the School Liaison Officer Programs in SSFUSD

2. Email the SSFUSD School Board directly!!

3. Submit a Public Comment to the SSFUSD School Board

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