Our Demands

Begin the process of defunding the SSFPD by reallocating general funds out of the police budget and into programs that will directly benefit our community members (affordable housing, jobs, youth programs, restorative justice, mental health and wellness facilities, schools, etc.)


  1. Freeze SSFPD hiring of officers indefinitely, including incoming police academy candidates/graduates.
    • Specifically, make reductions to salary to allocate for social workers and other community workers.
  2. Restrict SSFPD from hiring officers who were previously fired or who resigned while being investigated for serious misconduct and/or excessive force.
  3. Ban paid leave for officers being investigated for misconduct.
  4. Set up a public advisory board with the power to amend PD union agreements in the interest of ensuring public safety.
  5. Ban city funds from being spent on the assessment or construction of any police buildings or corp yards.
  6. Ban unauthorized overtime for SSFPD.
  7. Ban general fund money from being used to pay legal settlements resulting from police murder, misconduct, and negligence.
  8. Publicly disclose records of police misconduct & discipline immediately.
  9. Change mutual aid policy to prevent SSFPD from sending city officers to other cities’ protests.
  10. Ban SSFPD use of tear gas and rubber bullets.
  11. End criminalization and targeting of Black and Brown people by the SSFPD.
  12. Hire a data analyst to assess the data of those involved in all disciplinary police interactions and arrests, and to identify disproportionate policing for historically. over-policed communities to be presented annually to the public, and identify problematic officers and tactics.
  13. Demilitarize SSFPD: Restrict police from receiving military weapons from the federal government including, but not limited to, tanks, armored vehicles, drones, grenade launchers, aircraft.
  14. Ban city funds from being used to maintain the Corvette.
  15. Deny budget requests for upgrades of handguns ($67,000).

City Council:

  1. Redistribute 30% of the police budget to non-police, community-based services outside of the police department (City of South San Francisco Community Resources).
  2. Establish an independent review board with termination power and ability to recommend disciplinary actions, whose raw data & analysis are published yearly.
    • California already requires every PD to report every stop, search, arrest & use of force to a state database. This includes officer ID, location, perceived race, age, gender, gender identity, disability status.
  3. Invest in mental health and wellness programs to promote real safety and healing for SSF youth.
  4. Publicly disclose all civil asset forfeitures.
  5. If in the future, budget cuts need to be made across the board, no city worker should be furloughed without pay while the police department continues to operate with no furloughs or pay cuts.
  6. Prioritize the urgent need for affordable housing for families and teachers in South San Francisco.
    • Raise the percentage of units that must be set aside as affordable to low-income and moderate-income renters in each new development. Provide rental subsidies for teachers in SSFUSD to decrease teacher turnover rates. Provide rental subsidies for families that are classified as low-income, very low-income, and extremely low-income (as defined by San Mateo County).
  7. Establish a city-wide, participatory committee for all residents (regardless of citizenship status) that will dictate how to reallocate more monies taken from the police budget into non-police, community-based services for FY 2021.
  8. Develop a concrete plan through city council in collaboration with community members, experts and longtime practitioners in the various fields of social services on how they will carry out these demands with a reassessment of the budget and specific itemized changes.