South San Francisco School District

Police in Schools Fact Sheet! For more information see our Instagram or read our new statement regarding Chief Azzopardi‘s presentation

Public Comment Guidelines

Two Methods of Providing Comments:

  1. Send Comments in Advance
    • Enter your comment in the respective Board Meeting Google Form (max 400 words/approximately 2300 characters).
      • For the option of open or closed session, select OPEN SESSION.
      • For “Address/Affiliation”, you can enter “community member, parent, student, etc.”
      • For “Subject”, you can enter “Public Comment: [Specific Issue Addressing (ex: School Reopening, Police in Schools)].”
  2. Provide Comments in Real Time During Zoom Meeting
    • You will have 3 minutes of allotted time.
    • Speakers must raise their hand during Agenda Item L (“Communications” portion of meeting) to comment on topics not covered by the agenda.
      • These comments cannot be acted or discussed by the Board unless they are placed on the agenda at a subsequent meeting.
    • To comment on specific agenda items, use the “Raise Hand” feature immediately before the item on which they wish to comment.
    • Once your hand is raised, wait to be acknowledged and called on by the Board President, or designee.
      • Once called upon, you will be unmuted and will be muted once your allotted time is over.
    • Pre-submitted questions are read by the Board after live comments.

Contact us if you would like any help writing your comment or if you have any questions!

How to Watch the SSFUSD Board Meetings:

For more information about the SSFUSD Board Meetings and Public Comments, please visit the SSFUSD Board Meetings website.

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