CHANGE SSF School Drive!!

✏️🖍🖊📚📂 Second School Supply Distribution Day!!! THIS SATURDAY from 10:30 am – 2 pm (or until supplies last!) Same location at the Orange Park Baseball field ⚾️🥎 Volunteers are welcome! DM us if you are interested! Thank you all again for helping us make this happen ❤️

SSF Mayor, Garbarino’s New Commission: Political Pandering or Progressive Transformation?

On July 30th, South San Francisco Mayor Rich Garbarino released a statement in response to the recent surge in protests against extrajudicial killing of Black people and systemic racism. In his statement, he stated that he was “suggesting…an intentional effort at ensuring systemic change.” He also referenced that “there is more than one virus to cure in our cities today,” …

Azzopardi, Police Chief Resorts to Misformation in Attempt to Keep Armed Officers in SSFUSD Schools

As the conversation around defunding the police continues across the nation and in South San Francisco, it is important for people to understand how police divestment empowers our community. Following the recent push to sever ties with the police department in San Francisco Unified School District as well as Oakland Unified School District in the past month, South San Francisco …